Tip 1: How to run the application from the command line

Fifteen years after the beginning of the mass distribution of operating system GUI need to run applications from the command line there is quite rare.However, this possibility is still provided in recent versions of Windows.
If your version of the operating system in the context menu provides the command "Start command prompt here", it significantly simplifies the whole procedure.Press the keyboard shortcut win + e (is Latin) Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder that contains the executable file of the application you want.Click the folder icon, right click and choose that same command "Run command line here."Then in the terminal command prompt, type the name of the executable file (extension in this case are not required), and then press enter.That's all that needs to be done - the application is started.
If this option is not comfortable in the instruction set your file manager, start by opening the standard dialog to run programs.You can do this via the item "Run
", placed in the main menu of the operating system on the button "Start".If your OS version of the item is not there, press the keys simultaneously win and r.Enter the command to start a command-line terminal - cmd.Then click on «OK», and the terminal window will open.
Specify the command line the full address of the executable file for the application you want.If you manually type it is difficult, you can use as a source address bar: Go to the folder and copy the address bar the full path to it.To paste in a terminal window, click in any place of his right-click and select the context menu the appropriate item.Then, append the address to the file name.In this embodiment, it is necessary to specify an extension, be sure to separate the file name of the inserted addresses with a backslash (\).By pressing the enter key, run the command line application.

Tip 2: How to run a program to perform

In most cases the programs installed on Microsoft Windows, start using the mouse - double click on the corresponding icon on the desktop or by selecting the link to the application you want tothe main menu on the button "Start".However, the operating system, there are other ways to start a program.
How to run a program to perform
Use the standard dialog to run programs.Called it and selecting "Run" in the main menu of the operating system or rollover win and r.The only input dialog box, type the full address of the program to be run.This can be done both manually dialed from the keyboard and via opened by clicking the "Browse" dialog search for a file on your computer.If the program refers to the system or the path to the directory in which it is stored, is registered in the Windows environment variable named Path, specify the full address is not required.In this case do not even need the full name of the executable file - exe extension can be omitted.Click OK to start the program.
Enable Windows Explorer as an alternate way to start the desired program.It offers no less than five ways, the simplest of which are - double-click on the icon "My Computer" or rollover win + e.If you know the full address of the executable file, you can not search for it in the computer - type or paste the address into the address bar and press enter.It will execute the program without intermediate operations.If this is not an option, go to the folder where the executable file and double-click the left mouse button.
Open a command-line interface, if you want to run a program with the help of an emulator DOS.This can be done through dialogue startup programs - click shortcut win + r, type cmd and click on OK.At the command prompt, type the full address of the executable file.To simplify this operation, you can copy the file path, for example, in the Explorer address bar and paste the command line.Standard shortcuts do not work in Terminal, so to insert using the appropriate command from the shortcut menu.To start on the program whose path you entered, press enter.
With the command "Run", you can quickly launch programs, open files and folders, as well as the move to the Web sites if the computer is connected to the Internet.
Helpful Hint
*** Run Run dialog box can be a variety of ways, such as: • Click Start - & gt;Text in the Search programs and files box, type run - & gt;click Run;- In the Open text box, the Run dialog box, type the desired command (or use the Browse button to select the desired program) - & gt;Click OK


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