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  • of Windows.
Left click on the digital clock in the notification area of ​​the taskbar.You will see a small window with an analog clock and calendar.At the lower edge of the window is a link "Change date and time settings" - click on it to open a separate window with the settings of the OS component.You can access it in a different way: open the main menu of the operating system and type "BPE".The main menu will appear a set of links at the start of which will be "date and time" - click on it.In the next window, click "Change date and time" and you
will see another window - "Setting the date and time."
above described ways to access the desired settings are the latest versions of Windows - 7 and Vista.In Windows XP, this procedure is a bit different - double-click on the digital clock in the system tray once the desired window opens.There are a couple of other ways, identical in all three of the latest versions of the OS.One of them uses the "Control Panel" - it starts by selecting the item in the main menu and contains a reference to the "Date, Time, Language and Regional Options» (Windows XP) or "Watch, region and language» (Windows 7 and Vista).Another method involved a dialogue starting programs - call it the keyboard shortcut Win + R, enter timedate.cpl, and then press Enter.
In the right pane settings are located analog clock, and under them - control of their testimony.Figures in here are divided into three pairs (hours, minutes, seconds), each of which is separately changed.Click the numbers relating to the clock and reduce its value by one.This can be done by pressing the navigation key down arrow entering the desired number or clicking the arrow to the right of the window with the numbers.
Close both windows relating to the time and date settings by pressing them with OK.This procedure is a manual transfer system clock to winter time is completed.