Open element of the operating system, which gives access to user account settings.This can be done, for example, clicking the mouse on the avatar in the main menu and in the dialog box by pressing the "Home".Another way - to select the main menu line "Control Panel" and click on the link "User Accounts."
Click on the icon that is associated that account for which you want to set a password , and select the task with the appropriate wording - "Create a password".The component will show the shape of the three fields - two of them enter the password , and in the third, type a phrase tha
t will help you remember it if the need arises.Finally, click "Create a password ».
to use the authorization system, embedded in the BIOS, reboot the OS, wait for the start of operation of the base system, and when the screen appears with an invitation to press for input and settings, press Delete.It is possible that your version it uses another key - f1, f2, f10, esc or a combination ctrl + alt, ctrl + alt + esc, ctrl + alt + ins.It is also possible that you will not live to see the inscription inviting settings or it flashes too quickly.In this case, guided by LEDs keypad (Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock) - they must blink just before the moment when it will be necessary to press for input and setting BIOS.
the settings panel, click BIOS Setting Password and press Enter.This will lead to the appearance on the screen of the field for entering a password - type it and then do it again when the program will require confirmation.Save the changes by selecting the Save and Exit Setup.It is possible that your version of the BIOS setup password through sections of the panel with the names of Security or Advanced BIOS Features.