Tip 1: How to set up an English keyboard layout

In this age of computer technology, users can solve many serious tasks assigned to them.However, against the background often forget about the complicated simple and do not pay much attention.One of these simple actions is to set up an English keyboard layout.
keyboard in its first embodiment, and is not intended to function together with computers.It is not difficult to guess that in the distant 1860 on the PC could not dream of even the most daring science fiction.However, at this time a living editor of Milwaukee, Christopher Sholes.It was he who introduced the first version of the keyboard as a part of a typewriter.Further patent was sold to the company "Remington", hence the famous typewriter.

Few people know that the first letter corresponds to a number of keyboard strictly alphabetical order of the English language, but the layout QWERTYUIOP nobody thought.Until it was found that on a typewriter keys too often sink due to close are the letters that have been used most extensively.As a result, C
hristopher had to consider such an option, in which the two characters would meet rarely.So there was a layout that is familiar to PC users.

Alt + Symbol Shift

But it is better to return to the subject of the article.Over time, computers have spread around the world and appeared in Russia, and with it - Russian layout FYVAPROLDZHE, well known to all who have the skill of touch typing. To customize the layout there are many options, but they can be reduced to a few common.

however, is not lost to switch between languages, which is usually done with the help of the very combination that is moved to the title Alt + Symbol Shift.This is the classic version, often triggered when setting flies at an unexpected moment.

happens that the English language when working with a PC is needed constantly.Switching the above combination is easy to fill blisters on his fingers.Therefore it is possible to make English the Russian version of the operating system stood by default.To do this, go to "Control Panel - Regional and Language Options - Keyboards and Languages ​​- Change the keyboard - and select" English (United States) "as the default language."It's simple!This example is valid for Windows 7 and XP, and for earlier systems.

And if you're handy with a mouse, just click in the lower right corner near the clock in the system tray icon and select RU as "English (United States)."

These different keyboard

course, progress on the ground will never be.Today, a lot of varieties of keyboards for PCs, tablets, smartphones, netbooks, nettops, and other equally interesting devices.And here, too, switching the language differs. Once you find all of the most simple ways to customize the layout, difficult to study in other cases.

tyknut Sometimes a finger on the icon RU, sometimes you need to press the Space and move it to the side to change the language or select an option from the menu.The main thing - a little patience, and you will understand!

Tip 2: How to set up keyboard layout

Every PC user it is possible to personalize the keyboard layout .This can be done using an appropriate interface.Also today there are specialized software that will automatically activate the desired layout .
How to configure the keyboard layout
you need
  • computer, internet access.
total there are two options for switching the keyboard layout , which can be selected by the user.Each option involves pressing certain key combinations, after which the system is installed replaceable input language.Consider ways to customize the keyboard layout .
Drawing attention to the system tray, you'll see it symbolic reduction «RU» or «EN».Also, instead of characters in the system tray icon can be in the Russian or the American flag.This area displays the current keyboard layout .To set the parameters of its switching, you need to click on a language with the right mouse button and go to the section "Options".
Next you need to click on "Options keyboard ».In the window that opens, specify the desired settings layout and save your changes.Now switch the language will be marked on your keys («Ctrl + Shift», or else «Alt + Shift»).You can also configure automatic change layouts, for this you will need additional software.
Connect your computer to the Internet and open the page of any search service.Through the interface of the search engine you need to find a site that allows you to download the program Punto Switcher.That this program will continue to carry out the automatic change of layout.Once the application is downloaded, scan it for viruses.If the installer is infected, install the program on your computer.
Once Punto Switcher is installed on your PC, via the "Start" menu restarts the system.Once the computer is ready for operation, the installed application will be placed in startup.Each time you turn on your PC program automatically will be activated.Enter an English word in Russian layout (and vice versa) - it will change in the proper condition.
How is tuned keyboard?What are some ways to switch keyboard layout?Switching the layout can be carried out using the keyboard or mouse.To choose a keyboard shortcut, open the Advanced Options dialog box Keypad nature (Start »Settings * Control Panel * Regional and Language Options & gt; Language & gt; * More Options keyboard).
Helpful Hint
Configuring the keyboard is carried out in two different dialogs.For basic configuration is the Properties dialog box: Keyboard.To change the keyboard language settings dialog box is used languages ​​and keyboard.In addition, several layouts can be used for a single language.For example, in various countries, where people speak French, adopted different agreements on the location of the letters on the keyboard of the French alphabet.
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