easiest way to modify the program, which should run the files of a particular type, the context menu of "Explorer", so start with the launch of this application.You can do this by clicking on the pinned to the taskbar icon, with "hot keys» Win + E (is Latin), double-clicking on the icon "Computer" on the desktop and a lot of ways.
The interface of the program, go to the location of the desired file and click the right mouse button to bring up the context menu.If the file is stored on your desktop, it can be done without launching "Explorer".The line that you need in the menu - "Open With."When you hover the mouse pointer over it, a list of a set of programs, culminating p
oint of the "Select Program" - activate this item.
In the window application list is divided into two groups.In the first of them - "Recommended programs" - has a desired object - select it.Otherwise, open the second list by clicking the inscription "Other Programs" (default is minimized) and locate the program.If it is not there, click on the button "Browse" and find the application executable file using the standard dialog that opens, search for files.
highlighted a new "default application" any of the described methods in the previous step, make sure that the "Use selected program for all files of this type" exposed label.Then click OK, and the operation is completed.Thereafter, as a rule, changing the image icons of all files with the same extension.
Another way to change the default program in Windows, you can use the latest version.Press Win and start typing "type".In the opened main menu displays a list of applications in which you need to select 'Purpose of the program to open this type of file. "
Wait until a new window over the formation of a list of file types and the programs associated with them.Then locate in the left column of the table the desired extension, select the row and click on "Change Program".This will described in the third step, the dialog to take place as described in the same step action.