Double-click on the clock in the "system tray" (in the taskbar notification area).Depending on the version of the operating system opened window will look different.
click the link "Change date and time settings" under the clock and calendar if you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista.This will open a second window "Date and Time".
Click "Change date and time" and the system will take you to the third window.Image board before the inscription on the button indicates the need for the user administrator rights to access this button opens the operating system components.
Click on the sign of the cu
rrent hour in the field, placed under round analog clock in the right pane of the window that opens.Change the value of this indicator can be by using the up and down arrows, or by clicking the mouse on the arrows on the right side of the field.You can enter the dates and numbers on the keypad.Similarly, change the value of indicators and the minutes and seconds.
Close all open windows by pressing «OK» and procedure of transfer of hours to be completed.
If you are running Windows XP, after the above-described first step, you will immediately get access to the fields set the hours minutes and seconds - the corresponding control element is placed in the lower right of the tab "Date and Time".Changes in these fields arranged in the same way as described above in later versions of the operating system.Do not forget to lock the transfer clock by pressing «OK» or "Apply".
There are universal for all the above versions of Windows way to access the operating system components.To use it, press the keyboard shortcut win + r, type timedate.cpl, and then press enter.