you need
  • - computer;
  • - internet;
  • - 1C.
found through the "My Computer" folder in which you placed the base of documents already processed organization.If you do not remember exactly where on your hard drive it is, run the program 1C, double-clicking on the icon.In the "Run 1C" highlight already connected database that is suitable as a prototype for copying.Click "Edit" and check the path to the base.Discard the changes and close the previous window.
Copy the entire contents of the database prototype to a new folder completely.Name the folder
accessible language that no further question arises to what organization it belongs.Restart the program 1C and this time click "Add" button.Give the name of the base, again, it is sufficient to establish a base identifies.Specify the path to the new database by clicking on the button that says "Add".Confirm your selection and wait until the program is loaded.
Go to the menu "Tools", "Information about the organization," and change the details of the registration data and other information on the connected enterprise.Such a method is very simple and avoids any fuss with settings and Configurator software.However, a new company inherits all the base along with the documentation.You can delete unnecessary marking documents for removal.Directories contractors and employees (unless the organization are linked), you still come in handy.
In general we can say that to create new databases using 1C software on a personal computer is not so difficult.On the Internet there are also a variety of videos that showcase the work with the software.You can use these materials more understandable and quickly learn 1C.