Tip 1: How to format a USB flash drive protected

Flash card (Flash Drive) - a very convenient storage of information.It does not take up much space.It is always possible to carry in a pocket or small purse.It is often stored sensitive information that is protected by a password.And what if the information is no longer needed, and the password does not delete the data?Throwing the device does not make sense.
you need
  • PC, USB flash drive, the program AlcorMP
For this situation there is a simple way to format a secure USB drive.To do this, first of all, you need to install on your computer program AlcorMP.It is quite common, so the Internet is not difficult to find it.Download and install the program.Try to install the system on your PC.Run the program, and then insert the USB flash drive into USB-port on the rear panel of the computer.Do not use extension cords, and the port on the front panel.There may be problems.
If the message that the settings are made and USB flash drive can be removed, follow the recommendati
ons and restart the program.In one of the windows (of 16) will be information about your device.Clicking on «Setup (S)» enter the settings.The program will ask for the password.Do not enter anything, just click on "OK".In paragraph «Flesh Type» you will see the producer and the data chip memory stick.It is not necessary to change anything.The following section «MP Setup» select «Speed ​​optimize», to the recording speed was higher.Go to the tab «Mode» and select «Pure Disk».Adjust the data in the next tab «Information», put a check mark next «Fix Set», then write down the serial number stick in paragraph SN.
Bookmark «BadBlock» miss since there's nothing to be changed.Open the last tab «Other» in paragraph «Support for other types of controller or not» select the type of controller your stick.If it is not listed, there is nothing to celebrate is not necessary.Click "OK".Formatting started.Upon its completion the data on the flash drive will be written in green.Now close the program (this is optional), and remove the USB flash drive .The new device is ready for use.Thus, you can work with any USB flash drive, to comply with all the main step instructions.

Tip 2: How to format a USB flash drive protected

Flash nakopil - handy little device that allows you to store any information.But when you connect to different computers on the stick could get a virus that can not be removed even with the formatting.
How to format a USB flash drive protected
you need
  • - USB flash drive;
  • - computer;
  • - Utility AlcorMP.
If you format a USB flash drive standard methods does not work, check for a small switch on it to protect it from the record.Very often it is the cause can not be formatted.If it exists, set it to the recording mode and try to carry out the formatting process again.
If not, download from the Internet a special utility that allows formatting the device.The most popular are: AlcorMP, Apacer Repair, JetFlash mFormat, HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, HDDScan, UStorage Tools Transcend and others.The most active of them is utility AlcorMP.
Install utility on your computer according to the proposed action program.After installation, insert the flash drive into the computer and run the utility.
In the list that appears, select your flash drive and press Start in the ensuing window.So start the formatting process, the completion of which will need to click "OK".
When formatting is very important to specify the correct USB flash drive, otherwise you can lose all the data available to any other specified device.It is best to turn off all the other stick before starting the utility to format.
If desired, you can change the program settings by going to the Tools menu and set the desired parameters.
Upon completion of the formatting process will be removed from the stick, not only viruses, but also all the available information on it.Therefore, before formatting, copy it with all the necessary data.
use purified memory stick for further work with the information.
If you format the device installed utility does not work, try using the same way other utilities.One of them is sure to fit.
  • How to format a USB flash drive protected


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