you need
  • Browser Opera
change the font size with the size of all the other elements of the page - this is the simple conversion of all available in the browser.It is carried out by pressing the "Plus" and "Minus" on the main or additional (digital) keypad.The same can be done with the mouse wheel while holding down CTRL.
Press the key combination CTRL + F12, if you want to further customize the font to use .So you open access to change browser settings.Instead of hot keys can be expanded menu, go to "Settings" and select "General Settings".
tab "Advanced" and click on the list on the left line "Fonts."As a result, you will have access to detailed setup fonts , used browser.
Scroll to the desired line and press "Select".In the
opened window you can choose the font face, size, style, make it italic, strikethrough, underline and even nadcherknutym.When the sample in the preview window to meet your needs - press the "OK" button.
Another way to change fonts - use the opportunity provided by the browser to use its own descriptions of styles.You can prepare your own CSS-file or use one of the installed together with the browser options.To select the style file and set the scheme to use it, click the "Content", listing the above line item "Fonts" in the same tab "Advanced".
Click "Customize styles" and the browser will open an additional window of two tabs.
Click "Browse" on the tab "View".Select stylesheet file that contains the instructions that define the parameters of fonts , and click "Open."
Click the "Display Mode" and set the mark in both fields with the inscription "My style sheet".If you wish, you can specify in more detail which page elements use the settings from your CSS file, and which to leave to the style specified by the author page.
Press "OK" in both windows open settings.