Purchase a licensed version of the game and download all the latest add-ons and patches.If possible, set addition Hammers of Fate - it is the latest in a series and minimizes potential conflicts with patches.
2 Go to the site and sign up there.When creating an account, you can enter the key for access to any game - choose from a list of Heroes of Might & amp;Magic 5 and the box that appears, type in the key enclosed in the package with the product license.
Come to the game and choose "game on the internet."A window appears "Connecting to server", after which there are two fields for authentication - you must enter the profile data to
After successfully entering the lobby, choose the game mode.Those two - "normal" game and the "duel".The first represents the analogue of "free timeĀ»: on the map several players who can freely join unions to win.Duel is a normal round of fighting between players.Connect to any available game that is not password protected.
directly during the game, take the game in windowed mode.Perhaps it is somewhat slow down your system, but you will get rid of wasted time.The player takes a few minutes only to have to move all the characters and make all possible improvements (excluding battles), and if the card at the same time is 6-7 people, the risk of catastrophic tightened round.Windowed mode allows you to also do their own thing and at the same time keep an eye on possible changes on the global map.
Check out the "Cheats" on the game also will be useful to go through the whole pre-single-player campaign.Statistics in the game is not conducted, but because you can not know for sure how strong you hit the enemy.Minimum familiarity with the nuances and hints will significantly increase the success of your game.