First of all, you need to create an image, a copy of which will then be recorded on a DVD- or CD-ROM.Launch Nero Burning ROM and in the window that appears, start to set the required parameters.On the left is a list of drives.Select the CD-copy it, and then click "Copy".The program will offer you a number of recorders, including select Image recorder and click "OK".Think of the image name and click "Save".The program will begin to create the image.
When the image is created, insert a blank disk into the drive and restart the program Nero Burning ROM.Close the window that appears "new project."Then in the menu bar, click the tab "File" and then "Open."Y
ou will see a window where you need to find previously created for writing ISO-image.Select it and click "Open."
Then put a check in the "Record" and "Finalize disc", select a minimum write speed of 6x, 4x or 2x.Be sure to select the "buffer underrun protection", and if in the process of writing to some point in the data flow is interrupted, after the restoration Laser continue recording from the point where it was interrupted.Now click "Burn."
First, the program will format a recordable disc and arrange files in order.Only then start burning the disc.Wait for the recording and verification, watching the scale at the bottom of the window.At the end of the process you will see a message box with the message that the recording was successful.You just have to click "OK" and remove the recorded startup disk from the drive.