you need
  • - a computer connected to the Internet;
  • - computer skills.
Install Opera Turbo, which is before you send the information carefully handle it on their own servers.Little Opera download speed is often due to the fact that the opening page, the browser will first process is Java-script, and then open the contents.Of course, we can not ignore the fact that sometimes the delay in loading blame slow performance of the server that hosts one or the other site, as well as the speed of the Internet your tariff plan, established by the ISP.
To remedy the situation in the Address bar check opera: config, continue to open the settings panel, locate the Extensions, which mark the point Delayed Script Execution.This combination will allow action
to suspend the execution of all scripts as long until a full load a specific page.
available in your browser settings to disable loading of images and videos.This can be done if you want to increase the speed of absolutely any Internet connection.In addition, use special programs that will prevent viruses from infecting your computer.Do not be lazy regularly update your antivirusnik, which is a reliable "guardian" for access to the Internet.
If possible, do not load multiple pages at the same time as when loading it can interfere with each other, slowing down your browser.