you need
  • - a computer with the operating system Windows.
Click "Start".Then go to "Control Panel", then select the component "Accounts and users."In the resulting window, select your account administrator , then click on the component "Change your password".
window appears in which you can change the current password .The top line of the window, enter your current password .Then in the middle row, enter the new password .The third line retype your new password.At the bottom line,
enter a password hint.If you forget your password , you can always take advantage of it.For example, a password you use the name of your favorite poem.Accordingly, at the prompt, enter that give you some idea about your favorite poem.When all the rows are filled, at the bottom of the window, click "Change password ┬╗.Then password will be changed.
also change your password administrator can use the command line.For this series, click the mouse "Start" - "All Programs" - "Accessories" - "Command Prompt."At the command prompt, type ┬źnet user user_name * / and the name of the account."Then enter a new password .Then you have to restart your computer.
If using the command line password is not changed, it is necessary to start the computer in Safe Mode.To do this, continually press the F8 key at startup.You will see a menu of options for starting the operating system from which to select "Safe Mode with Command Prompt."Wait for the operating system in safe mode.The boot process in this mode can be lengthy.When the operating system is loaded on your screen, you see the words "Safe Mode".Further procedure is the same as in the previous case.After installing a new password, restart the computer and log in as normal.