For distribution of any changes in the Windows registry files are used with the special extension reg.Operating system with the default settings without problems recognize this format, so the easiest way to import the contents of the reg-files - to entrust this procedure OS.Just double-click the file to import the left mouse button, and the system will pass it to the application that will do all the necessary operations.You just need to give permission to make changes to the registry by clicking the appropriate button in the dialog box that appears on the screen.
If in addition to importing it from the file contained keys and values ​​they need to be hand-editing, do it using the "Registry Editor.
"It is installable by default with the OS specialized program.To call it in Windows, you can use the latest versions of built-in to the main menu search field - press Win, type regedit and press press Enter.Instead of the main menu, you can do this through dialogue and launch applications - call it the key combination Win + R, then type the same command and click on OK.
After starting the "Registry Editor", expand its menu "File" and select the very first item in the list of commands - "Import".As a result, the screen will display a standard file open dialog.Locate and select the imported reg-file, click "Open", and that the import operation will be completed.Wood sections in the left side of the interface, you can go to the created branch or bush and begin editing.