you need
  • - Account, a member of the group "Administrators".
Open the folder pane of Windows.To do this, click "Start" in the taskbar, then click the "Settings" menu is displayed.Select "Control Panel".
How to open a port
Open the firewall settings.In Control Panel, find the label "Firewall Windows».Open it by double-clicking or by using the appropriate context menu item.
How to open a port
Check out an existing set of firewall exceptions.Click on the tab "Exceptions" ongoing dialogue.Browse through "Programs and Services".If it has a point corresponding to the port you want to open, or executable module games , just select it and click OK.Otherwise, proceed with the next steps.
How to open a port
Add to the list of exceptions to the port you want the game to work.Click "Add port ...".In the dialog box, specify the type of protocol (TCP or UDP), the display name of an exception and the port number.Click the "Change scope ..." and navigate to the seventh step if you want to restrict the allowable range of addresses.Note that an open port is always available (even if the game is not running), and through it can accept connections other programs.Therefore, if the goal is made action - to ensure the operation of one games , it makes sense to add to the list of exceptions was her, and not to open the port.If so, follow the steps 5-7.
How to open a port
Add game to the exception list of the firewall.Click the "Add Program ...".Look at the list in the dialog that appears.If it has a point corresponding to the executable file games , select it and go to the seventh step.
How to open a port
Find the executable games .In the dialog "Add a Program", click "Browse".Navigate to the folder with the game.Highlight the desired file.Click "Open".
How to open a port
If necessary, specify the range of IP-addresses that can accept incoming connections on port or programs that add to the exceptions.Click the "Change scope ...".In the dialog "Change Region" and select the preferred option, if necessary, to enter the lists.Click OK.
How to open a port
Apply the changes.Click the OK button in this dialog.In the list of firewall exceptions will be a new item corresponding to the port or program.Click OK on the "Firewall Windows».
How to open a port