you need
  • - Administrator rights.
Run the application "Notepad".This application can be found through the "Start" menu in the "standard program", or create a text file by clicking on the desktop, right-click the item and clicking on "Create".Next, select "Text file."Open the application "Notepad".This software is the default setting on your computer with the operating system.
Save the new text file as an ini-file, asking him the appropriate extension.File name, specify the basis of its destination.File to load the operating system and is usually called boot.ini in the root directory is "C".Make the line configuration settings file .In the [boot loader], specify a timeout (waiting time the user's choice), default (system default), redirect (port name) and redirectbaudrate (port speed).
Under [operating systems] list the information about the installed systems, and where their folders.Here you specify the number of the boot hard disk of the hard disk and partition number.All information is indicated on your discretion.Such data can be viewed by going to the tab "My Computer."Click the right mouse button and select "Properties".Here you can see all the system parameters.
make changes to the configuration file can also be through standard utilities Windows.To do this, go to the properties of "My Computer" in the "Loading" and "Recovery".Then find the area "Loading Operating System."Click on "Edit."Here you can make various changes to the configuration files , as well as create their own.Also, do not forget the fact that these files can disrupt the entire system if misused.
Alternatively, you can simply text editor from scratch to write a configuration file .For example, the file konfigurafii operating system Windows, and win.ini it contains lines like
;for 16-bit app support
[mci extensions]
MAPI = 1
CMCDLLNAME32 = mapi32.dll
CMCDLLNAME = mapi.dll
CMC = 1
OLEMessaging = 1
[MCI Extensions.BAK] The following are lists of all formats to be played with a standard player.You can write your own configuration , and edit existing ones.