Open the Windows Start menu click of the mouse on the "Start" button or by pressing any of the buttons on the keyboard Win.Find a link to the "Control Panel" - in the version of Windows XP, it is placed in the section "Settings", and in later releases of the OS it can be seen immediately after the opening of the main menu.Start the panel.
Windows 7 Control Panel can be opened and through the standard file manager Windows - Explorer.Start it by double clicking on the icon "My Computer" or by pressing the keyboard shortcut Win + E. Link "Open Control Panel" in the application window is placed underneath the address bar, close to the right side
- click it.
Click the "System and Security" in the Control Panel.On the page, which as a result of this action opens, locate the inscription « Administration » - click on it and set the task run administration utilities of the operating system your computer is resolved.
In Windows 7, you can reduce the number of steps in this procedure.Open the main menu and in the "Search programs and files" enter just three letters - "Admiral".Immediately after that you will get the search result with a list of references, the uppermost of which will be « Administration » - click on it and run the same window as in the previous step.
There is an alternative method that can be applied in any of the most common today versions of Windows.It uses a standard dialog to run programs - this is the window that is triggered by selecting the "Run" on the main menu of the operating system.The latest versions of the operating system, this link has been removed from the main menu, but the dialogue can still be caused by using a hot key - press combination Ctrl + R to run it.
Type (or copy and paste) in a single dialog box that opens, enter the control admintools, and then click OK (or press Enter).This will run all the same window with a set of administration utilities.