Tip 1: How to add a subaccount 1C

Add sub-account - a means to create an account group.If you enter data in 1C software has been selected with respect to the chart of accounts "Edit dialogue", then type the new data, the screen will display a dialog box in which you can fill in all the necessary details.If we do that does not allow configuration of the program, it must be entered directly into the table window of accounts.
Go to 1C monopoly.
On the main menu, click Operation / chart of accounts.Rows A table written accounts and sub-accounts, which are used in the accounting organization.
To add a line, do one of the following actions: press insert or newline in the toolbar, or select from the main menu - activities / new.Bar appears at the bottom of the table to fill in all the details.
In the column "Code" write full code, which must include all digits, a group which includes a new sub-account.It will consist of several layers: the top - it myself through that table shown in yellow, and the l
ower, after the point - this is a sub-account, it has the blue icon.The transition from one column to another can be done by pressing Enter, or a computer mouse.
In the column "Name" register that is intended to reflect the new code.
Column "Val." When the organization conducted a currency account, put a "+" by pressing the button with the points.
Press with points in the column "Number", if you intend to conduct quantitative accounting.
If sub-account is off-balance, in the column "Zab." Put "+" by pressing the button with the points.
the button with the dots in the column, select the "Act." - A sign of activity.This feature has several meanings: "A" - active, "P" - passive, "AP" - active-passive.If a debit balance, the active sub-account.Passive - only with credit balance.If the active-passive, it can be a debit and a credit balance.If this column is empty, the program takes the value of active-passive sub-accounts.
column "Subkonto1" ... "Subkonto5" -Press the button with dots and select from the proposed species subkonto that is suitable for your sub-accounts.Number of columns "subkonto" is regulated in the configurator.
in column "Full Name", which reflect the full meaning of doing sub-accounts.
After you fill in the last column, press Enter.The program will ask the question of whether to have an account subaccounts.Select "yes" or "no" and a new line will rise automatically to the right place at the table in order.

Tip 2: How to open a sub-account

Sub a correspondent account opened for the bank or credit organization in another credit institution, or unit of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.These accounts do not actually differ from the current accounts of legal entities and individuals.They are used for payments which are made of one credit institution at the expense of another or on its behalf.
How to open a sub-account
Send application to open sub-accounts.It is made according to the shape 0401027 approved in Annex 32 provisions of the CBR №2-P dated October 3, 2002 "About clearing settlements in the Russian Federation."Specify the name of the department of the Central Bank or any other bank in the country, as well as your full name, a branch of a credit institution.
Specify the request for the opening of a correspondent account.Reassure the document signed by the chief accountant and director, as well as the seal of the enterprise.The statement there is a place in which will mark the second party to permit the opening of sub-accounts and number.
Collect documents, which is annexed to the application: a certified copy of the license to perform banking operations;certified copy of the constituent documents;CBR email confirmation matching candidates chief accountant and head of the company;Certificate of Registration;certified by the signature card of the director and the chief accountant and the seal.
If sub-account opened at the branch, and then prepare a certified copy of the message CBR that branch is included in the State Register of Credit Institutions and assigned serial number;a certified copy of the Regulations on the branch;as well as the original power of attorney that is issued to the head of the branch for the opening of sub-accounts.
Sign correspondent agreement for the opening of sub-accounts after having received a positive decision on your application.All balances and transactions between credit institutions should be carried out according to the agreement.
Open subaccount credit institution will be able to once in the Book of state registration of credit institutions will be introduced corresponding entry and it will be added a serial number.
If the table chart of accounts was not the account that will own the new code, the program will add it to automatic mode.1C there is a ban on the editing of bills introduced by the configurator, the program will provide an opportunity to make changes and add new data.
Helpful Hint
Of all by groups during the documents are only sub-accounts.The upper level, to which was added the new code will not be used.Also in the configuration, if necessary, you can add a column with additional details for the new line.


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