Tip 1: How to Install Windows from DVD-ROM

To reinstall the Windows operating system is not necessary to resort to the programmer.This operation can be performed independently, with a license disk with Windows.
you need
  • - DVD-ROM with the licensed version of Windows;
Purchase a licensed version of the operating system.When choosing lean on the specifications of your PC.If you own a PC of the latest generation, the purchase of Windows 7 or Vista.For those with older computer models, we recommend Windows XP.
Copy all of your important files from your computer to removable media, to avoid losing information.
3 Insert a disc with the operating system in the PC drive.Restart your computer.During the boot BIOS, click the button to open the menu.Different PCs have to press different keys, for example, F2, or DELETE.
In the resulting window, select the priority of loading media.Replace the first CD / DVD-ROM, and the second - Hard disc.Save the settings and reboot the system.
menu opens DVD- disk with the operating system.Choose the setting mode: automatic or semi-automatic.It will automatically copy the root files on your personal computer.
After all files are copied, it will automatically restart.A list of virtual partitions.Select where you want to have an operating system.Press "F", to format the partition.You can also delete a section or add additional.
Format system to NTFS format, because it is more adapted to the modern computers and operating systems.
During installation, enter the name of the account.If necessary, set a password.
After installing Windows update all the drivers of your PC.

Tip 2: How to Install Windows from DVD

drive most often to install a new operating system used by CD / DVD-drive computer - on media producers it's best to spread the distribution.The installation procedure usually takes from half an hour to one hour, is not particularly difficult, but it requires a small preset BIOS.
How to install Windows from the DVD drive
Change the order in the BIOS polling devices so that the DVD was standing in line is higher than the hard drive of your computer.For this purpose it is necessary to initiate a restart and wait for the bottom left of the screen prompt, press Delete (or f1, f2, f10, Esc, etc.) to enter the setup BIOS (Press DEL to enter Setup).By pressing the right button, find the section in which is placed the desired setting in your version of BIOS - this may be the Boot or Advanced, and setting itself can be called Boot Device Select, Boot Sequence or Boot Drive Order.In any case, you need to line CD / DVD-ROM Drive to put on top of the list.
Install DVD-disk with the distribution of the operating system into the reader, and then exit the preferences panel BIOS, answering yes to the question about the need to save the changes.Will begin a new cycle, and restart the computer, depending on the BIOS version may appear confirmation to boot from the DVD-ROM - press any button and the process of preparing to install the OS starts.
Select a section in which you want to install a new operating system - a question you will be asked by the installer program.Once you have made your choice, you will be able to format the partition or leave the existing file system.If the selected partition is formatted as NTFS, the refusal of re-formatting will save installation time.When the preparation of the hard disk to install the OS is complete, the installer will restart the computer and start the installation procedure.
Depending on the distribution installer during the process can ask questions about the need to install different device drivers for which you have to answer.The computer will restart automatically the right amount of time and then you will be prompted to enter the license data - do it.
During installation, the operating system will attempt to determine all installed devices in your computer, from the motherboard and finishing connected to USB-ports mice and joysticks.In most cases, the operating system fails to correctly identify the "hardware" and choose the drivers you need, but you should have available a minimum of installation disks for the motherboard and graphics card in case the operating system will not be able to identify them.
installation may take 40 to 60 minutes.
Helpful Hint
Use only licensed version of Windows.It is a guarantee of quality and technical support.


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