you need
  • - installation disc;
  • - the Live CD.
Remember that a particular variant of reinstallation depends on the nature of existing problems.If the operating system does not load, and it can not be restored by pressing the F8 key when you start, reset must be run from the installation disk.If the operating system is loaded, and you want to keep installed programs and settings, but get rid of the bugs system, choose the installation over the same copy of Windows.
Save important files for you, if you put the operating system directly from the installation disk.If unable to download was already running on your computer to save the file, use the Live CD, the disc can be downloaded online.Download files from a temporary copy of Windows, you can save important information for you
- in particular, the files in the folder "My Documents".
Before installing a new copy of Windows is designed to format the partition it.It is convenient to use the program Acronis Disk Director.You can format a partition, downloading the Windows Live CD.Use full format instead purification headers.If you can not perform formatting problems may occur during installation.In particular, the computer may hang after the first reboot.
To start the installation of the operating system from the CD, click when you start the PC key F12, open the boot menu.In it, select the boot from the CD.If your PC menu is not called, insert the CD-drive in the BIOS as the primary boot device.To enter the BIOS Press Del usually follows when starting the computer, but the key combination may be different.If you change the settings in the BIOS, then immediately after the first restart during the installation process, return as the primary source of the hard drive.
Watch out for messages that appear during the installation process.You will be prompted to select a language, time zone, the partition to install the OS.After that, start the actual installation of Windows.In its course the computer will reboot several times.After the installation you will see a welcome screen Windows.
not forget that some devices may require additional driver installation - for example, the video card, printer, network card, etc.If you do not have these drivers in advance pobespokoytes how to find them online and download.
Use reinstalling in update mode, if you want to save the already installed programs and settings.To do this, load the existing copy of Windows, insert the CD-ROM drive and install it in the menu, select OS installation.Next, choose a setting in update mode.The computer restarts, further installation will be done automatically.
Remember that the update is only possible when installing the same OS.If you set, for example, Windows 7, since Windows XP, can only be a new installation.This Windows 7, will retain all previous data in a separate folder.