Why do you need a file hiberfil.sys?

Hiberfil.sys - a special file in which the operating system stores information, once the user goes into sleep mode or hibernation mode.If you analyze more, when the computer goes into sleep mode, the Windows operating system automatically copies the contents of memory to the file and saves it, and when you restart, the system loads the file back into memory.Usually, the hiberfil.sys file size equal to the volume of RAM used, which in some cases amounts to several tens of gigabytes.So it turns out that after removing it from the hard drive, the user can release a significant amount of space.It is worth noting that in Windows 7, even when switched off sleep mode, the file can be stored on a hard disk, therefore, it takes place on the hard disk.

Deleting a file hiberfil

First, the user will need to enter the "Start" menu and select "Control Panel" and then "Power Options."In the window that appears, press the button "Change plan settings" and disable sleep mode by selecting a value in the "Put the computer to sleep" - "Never."Then you need to click "Change advanced power settings" in the list that appears, find the sleep mode and turn it off by pressing the button.To delete a file hiberfil.sys without any adverse effects from a personal computer, you need to press hotkeys Win + R and in the field, enter the command powercfg -hibernate -off.This command will completely disable sleep mode on the PC and deletes the file from the hard disk.After that you should restart your computer.If you need to recover the ability to start sleep mode, you can do this by using the switching - powercfg -hibernate -on.

When everything is ready, it remains to verify the presence of hiberfil.sys file on the hard drive of a personal computer.To start, you need to enable show hidden files and folders.You must open the "Control Panel", select "Folder Options" and go to the tab "View".There should be a check in the "Show hidden files, folders and drives" and remove it from the "Hide protected operating system files."Next you need to confirm the change and open the system disk C