you need
  • - a boot disk with the program
You press F8.The system comes in "Safe Mode."From the list of boot options, select "workable options" (Last Known Good Configuration).Come on Windows, copy all the necessary files and transfer them either to another drive, or on removable media.Then reinstall the system.
When booting press «Delete».You go in the Bios.In the settings boot - boot put the CD / DVD-ROM.Insert the disc that was installed your operating system.Restart the computer.In the resulting window, after loading press Enter.The installation program will check the computer and the software will make a proposal to restore the operating system.All you need on your computer will be installed, and no files will not be affected.After installation, you can safely continue to operate.
Just as in the previous version: enter the Bios via the «Delete» boot system, boot-loading expose CD / DVD-ROM.Insert the boot disk.After rebooting the system and the appearance of the first dialog window, press R and wait until the Recovery Console (list installed on your computer systems).Press the unit (Windows XP) and hit Enter.You will see "C: \ Windows».Next - the team that you need.
- Fixboot - fixes the boot sector of the hard drive;

- Fihmbr-completely overwrites the boot sector;

- Shkdsk-scans the hard drive for errors.
Use these commands in turn, starting with the latest.It is possible that will restore the operating system simply because of minor errors in the form of a power surge or a wrong turn off the computer.
Do not forget that you need to keep your personal and boot files in different sections of your hard drive, you do not lose your data.To do this during the installation you need to divide your hard drive into two parts.