Tip 1: How to make a CD autorun

If autorun is disabled, each time the computer prompts the user to select the action carried out when the disc is loaded .When the autostart ie this action should be selected only once, in the future it will happen automatically.Thus, this program is designed to save time.
Press "Start".
Click on "Control Panel."
Select "Auto".
For each type of tethers, select the action that the computer will execute automatically when the disc .
example, for DVD- disc with the film contains the following options.
- Play through the movie player Windows Media.
- Play through the movie player CyberLink PowerDVD.
- Open the disc for viewing using Windows Explorer.
- Do not carry out any public action.
- Ask me every time.

Tip 2: How to choose the alarm with auto

Modern car alarm can not only protect the vehicle from theft, but also to perform many other useful functions.Alarm system with engine start allows you to start the car with the remote control from the
comfort of home.This feature is indispensable during the cold season and in cars with diesel engines, which need long-term warming.
How to choose an alarm with auto start
There are signaling that already include the autorun engine, which must be programmed at installation.If this function is not, then you can buy the module startup that connects to the signal itself, but only if the system has an additional channel.
principle of operation is simple startup.If you have a car with automatic transmission, but not turbocharged, you put the car on the protection of the normal way.If you have a manual transmission or a turbine, then you put the car on the need to protect the engine running - allowed by the system.If the engine stalls before you have time to press the alarm key, the remote machine will not start.
significant drawback is the need to startup a second to leave the ignition key in the car.It is placed in a special unit which receives a signal from the control and transmit to the ignition.Ignition lock reads the signal from the key, as the inclusion of the motor and starts the car.After the machine has started up, it can operate autonomously for 20-30 minutes, then stops.
But severe frosts start the car with the remote control is impossible.After minus 20-25 lock freezes and does not accept incoming signals.Or for full operation of the system is not enough battery power.
alarm system must first fulfill their protective function, so when choosing a note the degree of protection, especially in the presence of the dialog code.
If the car has a turbocharged engine, while working at high speeds it is very hot.For cooling, you can use the turbo timer.After setting the machine to protect the engine continues to run for 1-3 minutes at idling speed, thereby cooling the turbine.Turbo timer module can be purchased and installed separately from the alarm system.
If a simple alarm system only protects the car against theft, the auto-alarm provides you with more and more degree of comfort.Auto means that the system automatically starts and stops the engine for a given search algorithm.As a result, you no longer have to sit in a cold cabin and wait until the engine warms up.
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Car alarm with auto - Ugona.net.Professional protection against theft and consulting in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Krasnodar.We recommend using these anti-theft alarm in building complexes.We remind you that car alarm anti-theft does not provide sufficient capacity, you must install additional immobilizer and mechanical protection.
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Autoplay can be configured for all media and devices.
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