Download and install the utility to extract audio tracks from the files on the DVD.To do this, download the software from the official site and make its installation using the file.Among the most simple and full-featured applications of this plan can be noted PgcDemux.
install the program, put the disc with the film into the computer.After that, click on the shortcut icon that was created during installation.You will see a box in the first line of which you need to specify the path to the desired file, IFO.
documents in this format are usually found in the directory VIDEO_TS disc.Click on the Browse button in the line Input IFO and specify the path to the IFO file on the media can be found among the other videos in VOB.In line Output Folder, specify
the folder to save the already processed data.
Block Mode, set by PGC.Then tick the item Demux all audio streams, which is in the box Options.If you want to separately remove even the subtitle track, click Demux all subpic streams.To save the video, click Demux video stream and Create CellTimes.txt.
Block Domain select Titles.Make sure the drop-down list below contains the entire length of the film.If this value is just a few minutes, choose another IFO, which is on the disk.
Check your specified data and then press Process.Once completed, you will see a notification on the screen.Navigate to the desired directory to verify the converted data.Extract audio tracks from a DVD is completed.