you need
  • - installed software "1C";
  • - configuration changes.
Run "1C Configurator" in exclusive mode.Upload a copy of the database.To do this, on the menu bar, select "Administration" \ "Upload data".Next, list the path where the backup will be stored, name the file and put the password for the archive.
Select from the menu bar "Configuration" \ "Upload the modified configuration."A window appears in which you must specify the path to the modified configuration (extension from the configuration file * .md).
Click "Open."If the configuration you are downloading, there
are changes in the structure of the database, you should see the message: "Warning!The selected configuration file is not a descendant of the file !!!When the restructuring of data corruption could occur !!!Continue?".Select "Yes".
preserving: the menu bar, select "File" \ "Save".A window appears with the message: "Analysis of changes in the structure of information.Changes in the metadata did not cause changes in the data. "Click "Accept".After all the action will read: "The reorganization of information is completed."Close the program "1C Configurator".