you need
  • - program Photoshop;
  • - image.
Open the image sequence of operations that are going to save in the form of action, in Photoshop.To do this, open the folder with the image in Windows Explorer, click the file, right-click and choose "Open With."Select Photoshop's list of proposed programs.
Switch palette Actions (« Action s") by clicking on the tab Actions (« Action s"), which is located next to the tab History («History") in the middle of the right side ofwindow.
Create a new set of actions.This can be done by pressing the Create new set («Create new set"), which is in the bottom of the palette Actions (« Action s").You are creating something like a folder where you will put the same type of action games, so it is necessary to think of a name
by which to understand what action games it contains.In the window that opens, enter a name for the set and click on the OK button.
Create a new action by clicking on Create new action («Create new action"), which can be seen at the bottom of the palette Actions (« Action s") the right of the Create new set ("Create new set").In the Name («Name"), type the name of the action.Of course, you can leave the name that is assigned by default, but it's still more convenient to name the action so that you can understand what he is doing.For example, if you record the steps to convert the image to black and white mode, call the action black_white1.
You can immediately start to tie the created action to any keyboard shortcuts.To do this, select the drop-down list Function key («Function key") one of the keys and tick the checkbox Shift or Ctrl.
Start recording by pressing the Record («Record") in the properties window action.After that window closes, and all that you do to open in Photoshop image is written in the generated sequence.
action End recording by pressing Stop playing / recording («Stop recording / playback").It is the leftmost button under the palette Actions.Your action is recorded.Now, in order to apply to the image sequence that you recorded, you will only have to click on the shooter left mouse button and click Play.This button is in the form of arrows at the bottom of the palette of actions, like the rest of the contents of the palette buttons.