Tip 1: How to write to the disk more information

Sometimes there are situations when you need to write the file to the media, and the file size of only a few megabytes more than the standard size, for example, DVD- disk .But this problem is solved.Although the size of the disk in any format is strictly fixed, but it does not mean that it is impossible to record more information .
you need
  • - software Nero.
In order to be able to write to the disk more information, your optical drive must support this option.To do this, download the full version of Nero.With it you can learn it.Also, Nero will need to write files directly to disk.
Start component of the program Nero Burning ROM.From the menu, select Recorder, and then an additional menu - Choose Recorder.In the window that appears, click on the model of your optical drive.Then look for the line Overbur.If the value of this string is written Supported, then you will be able to write to disk for more information.If there's nothing there, it means that your drive is not s
uitable for such purposes.
If the drive supports the option Overbur, you can proceed to the next step.In Nero Burning ROM menu, select File, then - Preferences.Then go to the tab General.In the window that appears, select all items check box, and then click "Apply".Now go to the tab Expert Features and in the ensuing window, select the check box items Enable overburn disc-at-once burning and Enable DVD overburn.
Next menu Nero Burning ROM, select File, then - New File.Then add the files you want to burn to disc.Go on.In the next window, go to the tab Multisession and select the check box No Multisession.
BURN Go to the tab and check the box under ACTION bottom two points.Instead Write speed line there arrow.Click on this arrow and select the most lower write speed.Now it is possible to dump record.To do this, click on the button BURN.A dialog box in which you will be notified whether to use the technology Overburn.In this window, select Write Overburn Disc.Will begin the procedure of recording information on a disc.The process will be slower than usual.

Tip 2: How to write more on the disc

Sometimes a user trying to write to the drive, such as your favorite movie, faced with a problem: the file is not much, but still exceeds the declared amount of disk space.Sadness is not worth it, because, fortunately, the real volume of recordable disc is usually higher than declared by the manufacturer.
How to write more on the disc
First of all, it makes sense to use a program or Feurio CD Speed.These programs can help you determine how much actual information you can write to the disk.
If you use Nero, go to "Preset", then - "Expert Features" and enable the use of the function "Enable Disc-at-once CD overburning".There you can specify the maximum amount of disk recordable (default Nero increases the amount found on disk 2 minutes).Now you can try to burn a disc.
Using ImgBurn program you do not need to install additional options, the program will warn you honestly before recording the volume of non-compliance with the volume of data to be written and the disc if you ignore this message, as honestly try to write everything down.
Overburn can damage the disk, the data on it can not be read (directly or after some time), and even, in some cases, damage the drive.
Helpful Hint
Try to burn a disc with the function you can overburn only using CD-ROM drive, DVD this function is not supported.


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