To add spectacular in presentation can insert background , downloaded from the Internet.If the file has been loaded and is located in the computer, proceed to the creation of a background.Open the file presentations Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. Navigate to the slide where you want to insert a marketing background image.
Right mouse button click on the selected slide.In the context menu, select "Format background well."In the dialog box "format background a" tab "Fill" to select "Picture or texture."After that, the opening of additional settings in the group of "Insert from," click the "File".
Further, in the window "Insert Picture" from the drop down list of "Folder" select the drive and then the folder in which the file was added a marketing background picture, and click "Paste."
As a result, Marketing background image file becomes background th selected slide.To disable background a slide and leave only the downloaded image in the "Format background a" tab "Fill" check the box "Hide background marketing figures."To close the "Format background a" click "Close."
To insert ready background in presentation , do the following: Click the right mouse button on a white background at the presentation.Click "Background", and then on the small arrow icon, which when pressed will drop the list, tap it in the "Fill Effects" tab and then "Picture" and select the desired image.
To insert Marketing background drawing in Microsoft Power Point 2003, open the presentation file.In the top menu, click "Format - Slide Design."Then, on the panel, located on the right, select a theme you want to see in your presentation, select where it will be applied theme - on all slides or only one.Alternatively, you can select menu "format - Background" and then select a texture or fill.
Then, select the menu "Format - Slide Layout."Then, in the right pane, select the template that you liked more.This action is necessary in order to make it easier and more quickly insert text, images, videos, etc.