you need
  • - computer;
  • - program for recording CDs.
1 Download and install DVD Flick.To do this, go to , click on the link Download, Wait for the program and install it on your computer.Run the program to record on a cartoon drive .This program is designed for converting video into a format for viewing on household DVD-players.
Press the Menu Settings, select the appearance of the program to your liking, click the Project Settings, tab General.Here, set the name drive and choose the target disk size well (eg 4.3 GB), depending on the disc and recording cartoon .Next, set the priority coding Below normal.
Go to the tab Video, select the recording format, the most common - Pal.Select the profile encoding - Normal, faster ways
it is better not to choose a target bitrate (quality cartoon ) select 4 megabits per second.Go to the tab Audio, set the volume, the other parameters, leave the default.
Go to the tab Playback, set the settings to play cartoon .Select an action to be performed by the player after the show: to play the next record, play back again, stop playback or return to the menu.
Next, check the first box.Go to the next tab Project, to select the recording drive and select a drive for recording and writing speed (4-6).You can set the option to verify the recording and retrieval drive and from the drive after recording cartoon on DVD- drive .Click "Apply".
Create a folder on the disk e to save the project - to do this, click Browse, select the folder.Add the cartoons in the draft note to the band loading in the left side of the screen, where you can see how much more space available in the project.When the indicator turns red, it means you have selected too many files - or remove one, or select a lower bitrate.
If all cartoons are added, and the place is still there, while on the contrary, set the auto-bit rate, and the program will select the quality automatically.Set menu DVD- drive and in the appropriate menu.Click Create DVD.Click "OK", then wait for the record cartoon on drive .