If you - the owner of an inkjet printer, refill for you will not be difficult or expensive affair.First, remove the cartridge, after reading the instruction manual for your printer.Put the paper on the table in several layers so that the paint is not able to leak onto the table.Wash it will be extremely difficult.On paper, place the cartridge down printheads.
Remove the top label.Then Pierce (drill, burn) in the cartridge three small holes.Using a syringe or other device, very carefully and slowly fill each container with ink of the corresponding color (red, blue, green).Each color has an average of 6 ml of ink.After filling t
he cartridge, let stand for 5 minutes and cover the hole with tape you made.Insert the cartridge back into the printer and run several cleaning cycles under the leadership of the printer.After that your printer is ready to print again.

As you can see, refill cartridge will not take you more than 10 minutes and will save a considerable amount of money, especially if you have to do it often enough.
cartridges for laser printers are different design and, consequently, the principle of charging.For example, the HP Print Cartridge is always a selenium photoconductor, and some cartridges are located in a separate "Drum Cartridge".

In order to fill the toner in the printer, there are two ways.In the first case, perform the complete disassembly of the entire cartridge, selenium drum, remove and pour the toner into the hopper.
However, if you do not have adequate plumbing skills or are you afraid to damage the cartridge, there is another option.

Carefully remove the cartridge from the printer, and make a hole in the toner hopper.The hole can burn, cut with a sharp knife or drill.

Do not forget to shake the chips from the hopper with the rest of the old toner.To avoid damaging the structure of the cartridge is not being implemented in the cabinet is deep.After filling the hole gently, cover with tape.