you need
  • computer motherboard application BIOS Agent, application TuneUpUtilities, internet access
Very often a model parent board displayed at startup.This is the first image that the user sees.In this case, you can simply rewrite or remember the model of your motherboard board .
If you are buying a computer with the supplied all the technical documentation, you must have a book in which there is a complete description of your motherboard board .Her model features and functionality.Just look at the model
of the parent board in this manual.
If you do not have such guidelines, it is necessary to resort to the following method.He certainly will help determine the model of the parent card on your computer.Search the web application BIOS Agent and install it.Run the program and click on the line Get BIOS Info, then click on the line Save.All information about the main components of the computer will be saved in a text file.Open the file and look at the name of the parent board .
If you want to not only know the brand parent board , but complementary to it and the information you'll need a program that shows detailed information about all installed equipment.Download an application from the Internet and install it TuneUpUtilities.Start, and then click Fix provlems tab, then click the Show system information, after - on line system devices.Displays detailed information about your motherboard.Its manufacturer, model and version of the socket.
If you do not want to install the application and "dig" in the technical documentation, simply open the system cover, after turning off the computer.The make and model of the parent board look directly at her.This information is indicated in large type in the lower left corner of the board.