Tip 1: How to set up video

Skype - one of the most popular programs for communication on the Internet.It allows you to call each other for free with friends and loved ones, as well as cheap calls to home and mobile phones around the world.In addition, Skype is an advanced analogue of ICQ, allowing you to create chat rooms for simultaneous communication of multiple users.But the most interesting feature of the program - the creation of videoconferencing.
So, first you need to check the performance of audio-video equipment.This will help the built-in laptop speakers or the microphone, some headphones, a separate microphone, headphones with a headset.
Making sure that all the equipment is working, plug it into the appropriate port and turn on Skype.You must be in your contact list special touch called "Test call Skype».Now call him.At the second end "wire" a pleasant female voice answering machine asks "Can you hear me?" Or something like that.If the voice of the speakers or headphones is, therefore, all th
e equipment is in order.Otherwise check for the microphone is connected properly and try again to call the "voice."
Now you need to set up the webcam.Check to determine whether Skype connected to a computer or laptop built-in camera or not.Also, see if you see your partner.To do this, select the menu of the main window of the "Tools" item called "Settings".Then, in the window that opens, click on the item "Video Settings," located in the tab "Basic".Now make sure that the front of the item called "Enable Skype Video" is checked.
If the webcam is properly determined by the program, you will know about this picture on the right top.If it does not, try reinstalling the camera driver.Having dealt with all the problems, select the position of the most beautiful faces in the frame and press the button 'WebCam settings'.In this section, you can adjust the brightness, contrast and more.All changes are displayed in the picture.

Tip 2: How to set up video

For videovyazi now frequently used application Skype, which also lets you send instant messages and make phone calls.After installation, you will need to adjust the screen, speakers and microphone.
How to set up video
you need
  • - a computer with Internet access;
  • - webcam;
  • - microphone.
Connect the microphone to the corresponding input on your computer if it is not included with the webcam.This connector is usually red and is located on the rear panel of the system unit.
Press "Start", select "Control Panel."Go to the "Audio and Video", then click on the button "Sound."Click "Play" on one of the tabs.Click "Settings" to produce a test device.Select the proper speaker configuration, and then press the "Test" and follow the on-screen instructions to check the microphone and speakers.
Click on the button "Record", select your microphone and click "Properties".Select the "Custom Settings" and uncheck the function «Microphone Boost».Click on the tab "Levels" and set the microphone volume to the maximum upper position.Save your changes.
Start Skype, click "Tools" menu at the top.Select the tab "Settings" and click on it with the button "Sound Settings".Make sure that your microphone is correctly identified, and it is installed by default.Select "Automatically adjusts the microphone" if you want the program to self-install the necessary audio settings.
Select the speakers used in the corresponding tab.By default, Skype chooses internal speakers if you are using a laptop.Drag the volume slider to increase or decrease the volume.Close the Preferences window microphone and speakers.
Click the tab "Video Settings."Ensure that the program correctly determine your webcam.Go to the web camera settings in order to establish the optimal brightness and contrast of the image.Try to make a test video-call one of your contacts.
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