know the firmware version that is used in your DVD-Player.This allows you to choose the right program and find out the availability of updates for your player.To find the software version, use the appropriate menu item the device.It is usually found in the device settings under "About".Get the right information, you can also in the instructions that came in the same package with the device.
Visit the official site of the manufacturer of the player and find your model from a list.To load the drivers, use the section "Drivers" or "Support".
Look firmware versions available for the player.If a numeric indicator version is higher than the one recorded on your device, you can download the appropriate packag
e by clicking on the appropriate link.If the site contains only the files specified in the menu of the device version, not need to download them.This means that for now the manufacturer has not released updates for your player.
After downloading the file you need to burn it using utilities for burning CDs or standard tools of the system.In the case of codecs package was delivered in the form of a disk image for the ISO, burn it is necessary to carry out specialized the UltraISO or Alcohol 120%.Download the desired utility and install it, then open the firmware file with the help of the program selected.To do this, click on the image file, right-click and use the section "Open With ...".
Set into the computer CD-ROM clean and copy the necessary files to it, then use the link "Burn files to disc."Follow the instructions on screen to complete the writing of data to the media.If you use a program to burn, click on the icon "Record" - "Start" and wait for the end of the procedure.
After recording the disc in the drive of the player.If all the actions were made correctly, the player will automatically begin updating codecs.After the procedure the device restarts and displays a notification.Software update for DVD-player is complete.