you need
  • - Computer;
  • - Intel processor with built-in 775;
  • - Cooler for Socket 775;
  • - thermal paste.
If the processor you have not yet installed in the socket, install it.To do this, open the gate and lift it so that it was at an angle of 90 degrees with respect to the processor socket.Then gently install it, making sure the tabs to match the contour of the socket with the slots on the processor.Then secure the CPU, lowering the shutter, it should snap into place.
Note that the thermal paste applie
d to the CPU is not necessary as it is already applied to the back of the radiator.Nevertheless, it is worth noting that it is not always quality.To improve cooling, apply a coat of their thermal paste.You can use the thermal grease Alsil-3 and Titan.Before applying to wipe the soles cooler factory thermal paste.It is better to do it with a soft dry cloth.Then gently apply a thin layer of new thermal grease to the processor cover.It should cover the entire surface, but make sure that the thermal grease does not hit the pads.
Now you can install a cooling system that is cooler.This will require a standard boxed cooler for Socket 775 comes in a boxed processor.In cooler has four attachment.Install cooler on the socket so that the mounting holes on the line with the socket.Gently press down on each latch.You can start with any, but make sure that the sequence was diagonally.After clicking on the four latches, flip the back of the motherboard and look closely proper installation fasteners.If all goes well, will be the final stage - the connection to the fan power.
to get this motherboard a small white connector, signed by both the CPU FAN.It should be placed near the CPU socket.Connect to the connector coming from the cooler .