Tip 1: How to Repair a flash drive

Sometimes when you connect USB-drive to the computer operating system issues a message that errors are detected on the medium.This means that on the flash drive appear bad sectors.The Windows operating system has built-in media such repairs.
Run the utility "Computer Management."To do this, right-click on the icon "My Computer" and select "Manage."The list of sections of the utility locate the "Disk Management" and click on the item with the mouse.Wait until the utility will load all the media system.Find Radel related to USB-drive and select it with the mouse.Right-click on the list and then click "Properties" (second from bottom).
In the Media Properties tab "Service", which is available housekeeping service carriers.Click on the "Check Now" and in the window, check the box next to "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors."Click on "Start" to start the procedure of verification and recovery.Depending on the amount of flash and the number of files needed to perform the pr
ocedure from a few minutes to an hour.Wait for the system message that the check has been completed successfully, and fixed some bugs.
sector recovery also helps to complete the formatting of the media.You can do the same from the "Disk Management" at this time, choose "Format" menu.Or start the formatting process from the command line using the format.Typically, USB media break when malfunction with the personal computer.This often happens when improperly remove the device from the system.If you want to remove the device in the computer system tray click the "Safely Remove" and select the device.Next, click on "Stop".After that you can extract the USB device from the com port.

Tip 2: How to Repair a USB flash drive

USB flash drive, and USB flash drive for short - is one of the most common products in the computer stores.Today, the portable device has almost every computer user who needs to carry certain information from computer to computer.USB Flash drive is ideal for this purpose, so the stores are constantly arriving new models of the device.When you break the flash drive is not necessarily to buy a new one.Repair the portable device is not so difficult.
How to Repair a USB flash drive
you need
  • PC, USB drives
First you need to make sure that your flash drive is broken.Often, unscrupulous companies have created a lot of fakes that simply break a couple of weeks after the purchase from overheating.So you have to know exactly break your portable media physically or programmatically.
Maybe he just does not start automatically.To check this, run the command diskmgmt.msc, and then open "Disk Management".
This window should appear as soon as your device, in the case of a working operation.If it's there, you just give it any drive letter.Assign the name of the disk can be letters such as AZ.Choose a name can be any, as the work drive will not change in any way.
If the stick is not, then the problem most likely lies inside the device.So, we will have to carefully analyze.
first thing to check - it contacts.They may depart from improper disconnection of USB-flash drive from the computer.When you are going to turn off the stick of USB sockets, you need to click on the tray icon labeled "Safely Remove Hardware".Next, select the portable device, and press "Extract".
Also look for cracks, chips, soldering and other damages.You have to look carefully for the presence of negative factors of memory chip.If it is damaged, the data is lost forever, and will not return.
Repair USB Flash Drive - it is very serious and painstaking process, so if you are not sure in the fullness of their knowledge of circuits, then the best solution is to ask a qualified technician.


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