you need
  • - PC or laptop;
  • - software;
  • - Working memory card.
Use a computer with special software, just as the increase memory card not possible in principle.In order to free some memory apply archiver program that are designed to conserve memory .
Locate on the map memory files, which are the results of working with products of Microsoft Office.This text and spreadsheet files.They usually have the extension .doc, .xls, .lnk.To compress these formats created programs that allow you to make this procedure fast enough.This archiver WinRAR and WinZIP, which are able to reduce the size of the document is almost ten times, packaging it in an archive file.However, in this situation, there is one problem.The result of the compression is n
oticeable if you have a memory card kept a very large amount of text information.This is because initially the small size of such files.
Check your portable media for any photographs.When you create pictures by the digital camera, sometimes the file size can be up to 10 megabytes.However, the picture may have a good quality in the "champion" of not more than 2 megabytes.The large size is due to the fact that the camera was originally attached to a picture created a lot of unnecessary "waste", which can be removed.To do this, use the special programs that can be found on the Internet (Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc.).
Check card memory for sound files.If they are and you do not want to delete them also use the programs that reduce the size of the music (winLAME, mp3DirectCut, etc.).This is achieved by reducing the bit rate.However, remember that you can not completely reduce the bit rate as the recording quality will suffer.