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  • of Windows.
Run the file manager of the operating system Windows.To do this, the operating system has at least a dozen ways, but the easiest - to press keys simultaneously Win and E.
Before merge operation, you need to make a choice - the contents of all folders can be placed in a specialSimply create a folder or in one united.If you choose the first option, go to the "Explorer" in the folder and right-click the free space of the right frame of the program.In the pop-up context menu has a section "New" - open it and select "Folder".File Manager will create a new directory, and you start typing the name for it, and then press Ente
Using the directory tree "Explorer", go to the first of the merged folder, open it and select all the objects contained there - click on any one of them, right-click and press the key combination Ctrl + A. Then applyoperation "Cut" - this point is, in the context menu opened by right-clicking on the selected area.You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + X.
Return to create a "unifying" folder, click on it until the empty space inside right-click and then select the command "Paste".This command corresponds to the key combination Ctrl + V. If the second step, you have decided to use as a "unifying" one of the merged folders, then carry out this operation in it.Then repeat the sequence of operations of cut and paste.
Remove empty directories at the end of movement of their contents.Note: if the source folder and "unity" are located on different physical disks, cut operation is replaced with "Explorer" on the copy operation.This means that you no longer need the contents of these folders remain in the same place - remove it with the "cover" folder.
If you merge folders are in different directories, you can combine them differently.What are both the same name Folder, and then drag one of them to the location where the other."Explorer" will ask what to do with the identically named files, if such meet in the process of merging - click "Yes."If the same name does exist, file manager each time will offer a choice of three options - replace, rename or skip the file.Choose the most you are satisfied with the action.