you need
  • - installation disc Windows;
  • - additional computer.
In a situation where you need to remove the operating system Windows XP, without the need to install a new version of the OS, it is recommended to use an additional computer.Remove the hard drive with Windows XP installed in the system unit.
Connect it to another computer so as to function as a secondary hard drive.Turn on the second PC.Wait until the operating system is loaded.
Go to "My Computer."Right-click on the section of your hard drive on which the operating system is Windows XP.Select "Format".Start the process of cleaning the system partition.
If you have at hand was not a second computer, uninstall Windows XP when installing a new operating system or after it.Insert the installation disc.Start the process.
In that case, if you install a different version of Windows XP, select the partition on which the old operating system, and press the F button to start the formatting process.Continue with the installation of a new operating system on this partition.
If you want to install a new operating system on a different partition, follow this process without the need for additional configuration.After starting the operating system installed, open the menu "My Computer."Repeat the algorithm described in the third step.
When you install Windows Vista or Seven, remove the old operating system during the installation process of the above systems.Wait for the installation process comes to choosing a partition.
Press "Setup Disk".Select the hard drive where you installed Windows XP.Click "Format".After this process is complete, select any suitable section and install the new operating system.