static external IP-address can get a computer user who has concluded a contract with any network provider on the use of Internet services.While connected to the Internet, each user, by default, receives the internal IP-address that identifies the subscriber on the local network provider, and the external dynamic IP-address, employee ID in the global network.
expressed his wish to allocate a static IP address can be in the preparation of applications for the Internet connection.No matter where you fill out an application, in the office or at home, in the application form there are graphs in which you can note the additional connection of a static IP-address.Depending on the structure of the form, you can put a check mark in
this paragraph, or to emphasize the right kind of IP address.
Some providers are going to meet their subscribers and make the procedure to connect the IP address easier.By visiting the company's website, the user can log in to your personal account and the internal shape of the office to apply for the allocation of static IP addresses.
If you are not accustomed to using a private office or a change of the IP address is not provided site provider, apply through the phone company.Call technical support provider and tell the operator about your wish to receive another type of IP address.
Typically, such a service is provided for a fee, according to the current rate of the network provider.Self service connection can be both paid and free.But in the future, you will have to pay a monthly fee for each month or the use of services, or for each day.
To select an external static IP address may take some time.Typically, after a few hours you will be informed of the possibility to connect the physical IP address.Self connection may take a period of days to 15 days, depending on the rules set by the provider.