Close all windows and click-free labels and gadgets on your desktop, right-click once.In order to free the desktop from the open windows and programs, you can also press the "Show Desktop", which is in the lower right corner on the taskbar Windows.
the dropdown list, select the line "Personalization" by clicking the left mouse button once.Dialog box "Change picture and sound on a computer."Also, this window can be opened by running the "Start" menu and typing in the search string "Search programs and files" prompt text "Personalization".
In the window that displays icons available on Windows themes, which shows the used window color and background image of the desktop.Single-click on the icon switches the set t
o the selected color scheme.
Choose your favorite theme and close the "Change picture and sound on a computer."
You can change the color schemes available standard Windows operating system, or to create their own individual.To do this, at the bottom of the window "Change the picture and sound on a computer" has the button "desktop background", "color box", "Sounds" and "Screensaver".
as your desktop background, the user can select any image corresponding to the resolution of the monitor screen, or more images that make up a slide show.In the settings window you can select the type of color, clarity and intensity of the selected color of the window frames.Soundtracks event the Windows operating system and the programs selected from existing or created by the user.Screensaver standby mode, the user can choose from standard and customize them to your liking.Screensavers can also be downloaded from the Internet or install add-ons from the official disk operating system Windows.
When creating your design scheme of the operating system you want to save it.To do this, select your custom theme, and then click "Save Theme ', located in the top right corner of the" Change picture and sound on a computer. "Then create the theme will always be displayed in the list of custom skins of the operating system Windows.