Tip 1: How to change the color of the toolbar

Change the color toolbar, taskbar, or general style of design desktop Microsoft Windows operating system refers to the personalization of standard operations, but may involve any additional software.
the main menu of Windows XP by clicking "Start" for the transaction changes the color scheme of the desktop and navigate to the item "Control Panel" (for Windows XP).
Open the link "Registration" and select "Screen."
Expand "Change the color scheme" in the left pane panel and select the desired color scheme.
Download freely distributed on the Internet archives with themes for Windows XP and unzip them to a folder D: WinNTResourcesThemes.
Return to the dialog "Registration" and open the context menu item "Display", click the right mouse button.
Choose "Properties" and click the "Themes" of the dialog box.
Select the desired layout and apply it by pressing the OK (for Windows XP).
Open the main menu of Windows Vista by pressing
the "Start" and navigate to the item "Control Panel" to change color schemes for your desktop (for Windows Vista).
link Open "Appearance and Personalization" and select the group "Personalization".
Expand "Color and Appearance" and select the desired color scheme.
Confirm your selection by pressing OK (for Windows Vista).
the main menu of Windows 7 by pressing the "Start" and navigate to the item "Control Panel" to change color schemes for your desktop (for Windows 7).
Expand "Personalization" and select the desired display options or download and install the free application dedicated computer Taskbar Color Effects.
Use the program to adjust color and transparency panel tasks or the entire system, regardless of the window decorations, the display effect of the shade or use of any image as the skin panel (for Windows 7).

Tip 2: How to change the color scheme in windows 7

color schemes in Windows 7 themes are a user's computer.Topics include the desktop background, screen saver standby mode, color scheme windows and sound effects.In Windows 7, there is a set of standard themes, as well as its ability to create user-schema design.
How to change the color scheme in windows 7
Close all windows (or collapse them by clicking the rightmost button "Show Desktop" on the task bar) and click-free labels, gadgets and miniapplications on the desktop, right-click once.
the dropdown list, select the line "Personalization".Dialog box "Change picture and sound on the computer", containing the design settings of the operating system (desktop background, screensaver, window decoration and workspaces, and sound events).
In the window that has the icon themes, which shows the color of the window and the desktop background image.Single-click on the icon will toggle the existing color scheme selected.Choose your favorite theme and close the "Change picture and sound on a computer."
Change theme computer may not be in the operating systems «Windows 7: Home Premium."In these systems, you can only change the settings for individual design (desktop background, screen saver standby, sound system and application events, and color scheme windows and workspaces).
Helpful Hint
user can change the standard theme available operating system Windows 7. To do this, at the bottom of the window "Change the picture and sound on a computer" has the button "desktop background", "color box", "Sounds" and "Screensaver".
as your desktop background, the user can select any image corresponding to the resolution of the monitor screen, or more of such images forming a slideshow.
In the settings window you can select the type of color, clarity and intensity of the selected color.
Soundtracks event the operating system and the programs selected from existing or created by the user.
Screensaver standby mode, you can choose from standard and customized to your own.
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