you need
  • pen, a piece of paper, my sincere feelings and thoughts
Take a sheet of paper and write.Indeed, in the letter can express what we sometimes do not dare say the words.In the letters, as well as in private conversation, to properly handle name.In a letter to your loved one treated better or gently playful.
Never complain in a letter.Though they say, they say, the paper can endure, really bad mood passed reading this letter person ( husband ).Write only positive letters!And even more so if it comes to a love letter.
All correspondence is much more difficulties may occur than in person.For example, it is not something you say
in a conversation, and by the reaction of her husband immediately understand what I said too much.You can quickly translate everything into a joke and hush unpleasant subject.
In a letter that says so - it is written.Be careful about what to write.
Try less to write about myself, but more to ask a man.Do not write, for example, a treatise about his new passion for dressmaking.
As in "live" communication, correspondence must always be myself.Write him about his feelings.Even if you are not married the first year, and for a long time has passed candy buketny period, their relationship must be constantly heated warm words, gentle eyes, unexpectedly pleasant surprises.What a surprise to him to present at this time, that was not so banal?
Write him a love letter !
Love letter as you can write, for example, when you are apart, or just for no reason, and send it as a surprise.The man will be delighted, having received such an unusual romantic content poslanie.V letters written by hand on paper, the whole soul bare.This is a great way to remind husband on a business trip, so you do not forget and left not looked, and the way to make peace, if parted.
Write husband also emails.If you're at work, tender correspondence warms you both.Invest in them your soul.