Run pre-screen keyboard as follows.Go to "Start" - "All Programs" and select the folder where "standard."In this folder, you must expand the list of "special features".It is, and on-screen keyboard, which you can click to launch.This screen keyboard can be customized to your own need.For example, in the "input mode" is defined as will be the choice of characters to be printed: using a delay, or by clicking on the desired button.In addition, you can adjust the display mode of on-screen keyboard.
If you need on-screen keyboard to enter characters that are not in the physical layout of the keyboard is th
e most appropriate solution is to install a third-party "screen keyboard" ("Virtual Keyboard").Download the virtual keyboard at this link: .This keyboard supports 75 language layouts, and you can use it to enter text in 53 languages.It runs like a normal program by clicking on the appropriate tab.
-screen keyboard can also be part of some web pages.For example, many email services and search engines (such as Google and Mail.Ru) have their own pages on a special script, allowing to cause a virtual keyboard that can be relevant to the people who use the computer in another country, and the keyboard isis not provided for the Russian language.