First of all, try to understand why you can not delete the file.There are several reasons due to which you can not do it.First of all, you can try to delete an important system file.The second reason might be an attempt to delete a file running program.Finally, to delete a file can be a file of the virus, existing mechanisms to counter udaleniyu.Esli you need to remove or replace a file of the operating system, the easiest way to do this by booting the second operating system - if it is installed on your computer.If not, you can boot using the boot the Live CD.This reduction, but it is a workable version of the operating system.It is useful in many cases - for example, if you can not boot from the primary OS.With it, you can delete the file and your main operating system.But do it carefully - if you delete an important fi
le for Windows, it may not zagruzitsya.Esli the message that you are trying to delete a file running program, stop it.This can be done in the Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del), or use any suitable program, shows a list of running processes and allows them to stop - for example, the program AnVir Task Manager.This program will not only see a list of running processes, but also to see the location of the executable files and auto-run key in the registry.In addition, it shows the degree of danger of running protsessov.V if after removing the file and restart the computer again, it appears, can with certainty say that the file is a virus.To remove it, you must find the key startup and all associated with the file of the virus components.The virus can copy itself to several folders, so delete one file and startup key can not be enough.Especially if you have infected some program and each time it is started again, the virus settles in the system.So the first thing to do in such a case, it is scan your computer with new Antivirus bazami.Dlya deleting files, do not want to be removed, you can use the program Unlocker.This is a very handy tool, embedded in the context menu.Just click Undelete file, right-click, choose the context menu Unlocker.Then, in the menu choose your action with the file - delete, rename, move.Some files Unlocker can remove at once, they will be marked for deletion and removed during the next reboot.