If you do not find in the usual place (see "Program", subsection "Standard"), a reference to the launch pad, you can create one here again.This can be done in several ways.For example, you can open the Explorer (keyboard shortcut CTRL + E), go to the folder system32, which is stored in the folder windows and find the executable file and Notepad - notepad.exe.Then you need to drag it to the right mouse button on the former location of the links to start.That is, first drag it to the "Start" button, hold it, hold the button until the menu will open, and then dragged to the "Progr
ams" section, too, wait disclosure, move further into the sub-section "Standard" and there release.Explore ask about what to do - to create a copy or move a file to create a shortcut here.Select "Create Shortcut", and then right-click the name of the item created by notepad, and rename it to « Notepad ».
If that is not the absence of links, and that Notepad not open when selecting the appropriate item in the menu, the case is a bit more complicated.Apparently, the executable file is corrupt and needs to be replaced.You can search for the file on the installation disk of the operating system or the Internet, and replaced with a new option spoiled.It is stored in the system folder of Windows, folder are system32.
There is an alternative - rather spoiled Notepad and install similar application from another manufacturer.Such text editors preserving benefits Notepad well, but provides additional features, you can find a lot on the network.For example, if you install a computer program called NoteTab, then she will do all the necessary operations to replace a Notepad and if you select the item in the Help section Replace MS Notepad.