Virtually all mail (and not only) the service has a link, such as "Remember my password" or "forgot password".In these cases, one has only to click on the link, enter your login backup mailbox, mobile phone number or something else.
Now a closer look at how to recover its "lost" in the mail service of Yandex.
Visit the website Yandex, in the Mail ( are looking for a button "Forgot your password", then click on it and
field on the new page that opens, enter your login, which is used to register, or you can completely write
your mailbox.
when done, click "Next".
Next you will be offered the following actions, depending on which method you chose at registration:
-Can enter your mobile number, which will then code
-Can answer your security question(we hope you do not forget)
-also can specify alternate mailbox.Soon, it will receive a letter, which will link to go to the password recovery page
If you fit one of the options, then consider that your mail is already in your pocket.Read what to do next:
-popytaytes disassemble the captcha and enter with her characters, pressing "Next┬╗
-pridumyvaem more complex and tricky password than it was before in both fields
-All, you can press on "Done┬╗
-Okazyvaetesin his office, where you can do whatever you want with your mailbox These cases are a standard means of restoring your account to Yandex.If it did not work out, you should contact the support service Yandex request restoration of the password, but you must have strong arguments in their favor.