you need
  • - Computer;
  • - USB flash drive;
  • - software for flash drives Portable soft;
  • - access to the Internet.
All full versions of software that are installed on the computer hard drive, found in its registry.On a standard USB flash drive these programs simply do not install without special operations.It is necessary to convert to a bootable USB flash drive, to change many parameters.And not the fact that everything will turn out.But there is another option, namely the use of special software, which does not require an installation of the full.It was from his example and will describe how to install and boot from a flash card program.
This special software is called Portable soft.To
find it on the Internet, you first must register the program that you need, and then add the Portable soft.For example, if you need to download the Office, in a search engine, respectively, type "Mobile Office, Portable soft».Or you can go to sites where there is Portable soft-program, and look for the desired application directly on this site.Once the program is found, download it.If necessary, extract the archive.
distribution program - it's just one file.It weighs, of course, much less a full version of the program.Copy this file to your flash drive.More you do not need to do anything.Just click on the file on a flash drive by double clicking the left and the application will run.Some programs work with the stick a little slower, especially antivirus software.Also, in most applications, such as Portable soft available to only the most necessary functions.Due to a simplified and it is possible not to carry out the installation program.
Thus, you can store on your flash drive once all the most necessary programs that you need and quickly load them at any time.Almost all programs have an analog Portable soft.