PDF format and its value

Format PDF (Portable Document Format) is designed to create and distribute electronic documents.This development of the company Adobe Systems.The advantage of PDF format is that it is read by all major operating systems without altering the content of the document and supports a variety of vector and bitmap images, forms, fonts, multimedia inserts and other information necessary for the display.

Today PDF - one of the most popular formats for creating an electronic form and subsequent reproduction of printed products on the Internet: magazines, books, advertising leaflets, manuals, technical documentation and so on. In this format, you can also store scanned copies of documents.

important property of a PDF document for the author is the ability to protect against una
uthorized copying and editing, as well as the consolidation of copyright through the mechanism of electronic signature.In turn, the user gets all the possibilities for interactivity with the content PDF-files: reading, filling out forms and signing of the document, adding comments, create bookmarks, text search, and more.et al.

software for working with PDF

for working with PDF-documents requires special software.View, print, and making annotations can be done with a program Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, STDU Viewer, and others.

To create or edit a PDF-document (including ready to convert text file from Word to PDF-file), you must use the appropriate program.This can be a Acrobat from Adobe Systems or third-party software such as Foxit Phantom, PDF Factory and others. These programs after installation create your own toolbar in applications MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Info Path, One note,Publisher, Visio).

Thus, to convert in Adobe Acrobat Word file to a protected PDF file is necessary: ​​to open a Word file and select the menu item "Create PDF» in the tape Acrobat;In the dialog box, select "Protect PDF», and in the next window, set a password, and assign rights to users can not copy or edit the file.Then click OK to name the file and save it in the desired location on your computer.The downside of these programs is a big weight and a paid license.

You can also download free software for converting documents to PDF, such as PDF Creator, or Primo PDF.They are virtual printers.To get access to such programs need to call a function to print from any application.By cons of this software include the inability to implement the media, and does not recognize hyperlinks and interactive forms.