After the procedure, you must open the jailbreak Cydia, which is the manager of packages in the system and allows you to download the utility from different repositories.Connect to Wi-Fi or cellular data network, and click on the shortcut icon that appears on the main screen after unlocking the machine.
Wait for the application.If the utility will prompt you to update, click Yes and wait for the download and install the new version.Then open the program again.
To download a variety of applications on the device via Cydia, you must add the address of the repository for applications.Click on the tab Sources, by clicking on the appropriate icon at the bottom of the screen.Then click Edit - Add.In the window that app
ears, enter the address of any repository to Cydia.A list of resources you can find on the internet by searching.After entering the address of the application server, click Add Source.
After updating the list of program resources AppSync enter a query into the search bar the application at the top of the window.Depending on the version of your firmware among the obtained results, select the most suitable for your device.So, if your gadget is installed iOS version 5, the AppSync must also be marked with 5.0+.If you are the owner of iOS 6 version, then you will need to download AppSync 6.0+.After finding the desired result, click Install and confirm the installation.
After the download is complete the program, press Return To Cydia, and then restart the phone.Now you can use your jailbreak to install a variety of applications, downloading files from the .ipa computer and edit the file system of your device using the appropriate tools.