As a rule, in Russia the standard computer keyboard is bilingual: the same button allows you to print in Russian or English, as they operate within the Cyrillic and Latin alphabet.At the same time on each button written two letters in the lower right corner shows the Russian letter in the upper left - Latin.For added convenience, the user signs a different alphabet differ in color and brightness.
Note that punctuation marks and extra-textual characters on the keyboard are also subject to different layouts: some characters you can use when the keyboard typing in Russian, the other - in the transition to English or other Western languages ​​(dependingthe settings of the computer).These signs, as well as letters and are arranged in di
fferent angles and keys are different colors.
The most common word processing documents and browser windows are configured by default to English.That is, opening a document, you start to type Latin characters.If you need a Russian alphabet, switch the language layout on your computer.Transfer keyboard from English to Russian language can be different ways.Pay attention to the "Taskbar", which is the bottom line of your computer.Next to the "Three System", which by default are located watches and other system labels, is "Language Bar."It shows what language is now activated on your computer.If you see the notation «EN», left-click on this icon."Language Bar" turn around and you will see a line with the image of «RU» - is the Russian language.Click on this date menu, and your keyboard layout changes from English into Russian.
change the language that prints the keyboard, you can use certain keys.Simultaneously press keys «Shift + Alt» (on some computers acting combination of «Shift + Ctrl»), and your keyboard layout is changed.